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LyricsSong TitleSingersMDLyricistMovieYearActors
 aaja re o mere dilwar aajaLata Mangeshkar [+], Nitin Mukesh [+] [duet,+]Khaiyyam SharmajiJaan Nisar AkhtarNoori  
chori chori koi aaye chupke chupke sabse chupkeLata Mangeshkar [+]Khaiyyam SharmajiJaan Nisar AkhtarNoorie
Poonam Dhillon, Farooque Sheikh
 chorikoi aaye chupkesab se chhupkeLata Mangeshkar [+]Khaiyyam SharmajiJaan Nisar AkhtarNoori  
 kadar tune na jaani beeti jaaye jawaaniAsha Bhonsle [+]Khaiyyam SharmajiNaqsh LyalpuriNoori  
noorie noorie aaja re aaja re o mere dilbar aaja dil ki pyaas bujha jaa reLata Mangeshkar [+], Nitin Mukesh [+] [duet,+]Khaiyyam SharmajiJaan Nisar AkhtarNoorie
Farooque Sheikh, Poonam Dhillon
 qasam hai yaar teri tere yaaron ko maza aayaJagjit Kaur [+], Mahendra Kapoor [+], Pamela Chopra [+] [trio,+]Khaiyyam SharmajiJaan Nisar AkhtarNoorie Poonam Dhillon, Farooque Sheikh
 us ke khel niraale woh hi jaane allaah jaaneJagjit Kaur Pamela Chopra AnwarKhaiyyam SharmajiMajrooh SultanpuriNoori  


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