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LyricsSong TitleSingersMDLyricistMovieYearActors
 bade khoobsurat bade woh hansi hain magar kya karoonAsha Bhonsle [+], Mohammed Rafi [+] [duet,+]Roshan LalRajendar KrishanJashan  
 bolo yeh duniya kiskiAsha Bhonsle [+]Roshan LalRajendar KrishanJashan  
 chun chun ke baaghon se laayi main kaliyaanAsha Bhonsle [+]Roshan LalRajendar KrishanJashan  
 dard dil tu hi bata yeh kaisi gham ki shaam haiLata Mangeshkar [+]Roshan LalRajendar KrishanJashan  
 duniya mein dilwaalo le lo maje pyaar keLata Mangeshkar [+]Roshan LalRajendar KrishanJashan  
 maarenge kas kas ke baan saiyyaanAsha Bhonsle [+], Mohammed Rafi [+] [duet,+]Roshan LalRajendar KrishanJashan  
 mhaari chumni ko bal gayo telShamshad Begum [+]Roshan LalRajendar KrishanJashan  
 rootthi hui khushi koAsha Bhonsle [+]Roshan LalRajendar KrishanJashan  


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