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LyricsSong TitleSingersMDLyricistMovieYearActors
 aaja aaja aaja reBharat Vyas [+], Renuka Devi [duet,+]S K PalBharat VyasGulami  
 ae gham-e-dil kya karoon ae vehshat-e-dil kya karoon kya karoon kya karoonRenuka Devi, M. Parvez [duet,+]S K PalMajazGulami Aamir Khan
 ae vatan mere vatanRenuka Devi M. ParvezS K PalJosh MalihabadiGulami  
 chhayi ghata ghanghor gagan meinRenuka DeviS K PalBharat VyasGulami  
 is nashwar sansaar meinBharat Vyas [+]S K PalBharat VyasGulami  
 jaagi rag rag mein jaagi umangeRenuka DeviS K PalAkhtar-Ul-ImanGulami  
 kuchh din beete is dharti parRenuka DeviS K PalAkhtar-Ul-ImanGulami  
 naacho naacho chhananan chhamRenuka Devi M. ParvezS K PalBharat VyasGulami  


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