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LyricsSong TitleSingersMDLyricistMovieYearActors
 aaine mein ek chaand si soorat nazar aayiAmeerbai Karnataki [+], Surendra Nath [+] [duet,+]Naushad AliZia SarhadiElan  
 aayi ajal yeh zindagiAmeerbai Karnataki [+]Naushad AliZia SarhadiElan  
 allaah nigaahbaan tera allaah nigaahbaanAmeerbai Karnataki [+], Naushad Ali [+] [duet,+] Zia SarhadiElan  
 boodha boodha puraani puraani dhili dhili kamar ki kamaaniZohrabai Ambala [+]Naushad AliZia SarhadiElan  
 dekh khuda ki shaan saheliZohrabai Ambala [+]Naushad AliZia SarhadiElan  
 dil ke armaan nikaaloon main aajaZohrabai Ambala [+]Naushad AliZia SarhadiElan  
 ek baar phir se aaja dil mein mere sama jaaSurendra Nath [+]Naushad AliZia SarhadiElan  
 insaan ki tahzeeb pe ehsaan hamaaraAmeerbai Karnataki [+]Naushad AliZia SarhadiElan  
 rote hue aaye hain rote hue jaayengeAmeerbai Karnataki [+]Naushad AliZia SarhadiElan  
 tera jahaan aabaad haiSurendra Nath [+]Naushad AliZia SarhadiElan  


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