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LyricsSong TitleSingersMDLyricistMovieYearActors
 aao milan ka jashna manaayenSadhna Sargam [+], Abhijeet [+] [duet,+]Anand MilindMajrooh SultanpuriDastoor  
 dekhe tujhe jhume bahaarAbhijeet [+]Anand MilindMajrooh SultanpuriDastoor  
 idhar bhi nazar hoAnuradha Paudwal [+]Anand MilindMajrooh SultanpuriDastoor  
 jiski khaatir taras gayi hain aankhenAnuradha Paudwal [+]Anand MilindMajrooh SultanpuriDastoor  
 kaho bahaaron se aaye na aayeAnuradha Paudwal [+]Anand MilindMajrooh SultanpuriDastoor  
 suna hai jahaan ek tere binaAnuradha Paudwal [+]Anand MilindMajrooh SultanpuriDastoor  


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